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The History
An Electronic Centre, servicing Rail needs has existed in some form on this site since the 1960s, back then it was literally a “garden Shed”.

During the 1970s the need for more electronic repairs became necessary and the “Lab” was taken seriously, being re-located in the main diesel depot under the control of Ron Turner, at this stage it was handling the increase of electronics that were being fitted to the locomotives based at Eastleigh.

During the 1980s the new purpose built “Lab” became part of the Southern Region CM&EE (Chief Mechanical and Electrical engineers) under the auspices of Chris Vasey, it was at this time that Dave Porter had his first opportunity to manage the centre, albeit deputising for Ron Turner, also during the 1980s Martyn Clare and then Andrew Poar were to join the staff.

By now the “Lab” was repairing, servicing and manufacturing the majority of the electronic needs of “Network South East”

By the end of the 1980s the official name for the “Lab” was the Electronic Service Centre (ESC) and was controlled by Network South East and managed by Dave Porter.

In the early 1990s the “Lab” became part of the Level 5 self accounting section as a “sister centre” to Swindon and it was at this time that the Management team of Dave Porter, Martyn Clare and Andrew Poar first attained a QMS accreditation BS 5750.

In 1994 The ESC was closed as part of the privatisation of the rail network.

Realising the continuing need for a “Lab”, XBR Electronics Ltd was formed by the former management of the “Lab”, Martyn Clare, Andrew Poar and David Porter, the Directors.

Within 3 months of the Closure, the “Lab” had been resurrected, re equipped and was providing a service to many of the emerging new rail businesses.

With in the first year a Quality Management System had been developed and subsequently accredited to BS EN ISO 9002.

We continue to provide a Quality Electronic Service not only the Rail industry but to all industry.



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