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Manufactured equipment
The majority of our work is produced from an idea or requirement supplied from the customer with little or no drawing
or speccifications. Usually the requirement is for low volume and often this requirement is based on reverse engineering
the item from a sample or refurrbishment of a "life expired item".
We also supply new equipment created for a specific task or requirement.
XcaliBR test equipment - By XBR Electronics

xcalibr logo (printable link)

xcalibr    mother board
XcaliBR ATE Mk2 and Mk1 WSP ATE Currently Suitable for C455 C456 C319 C313 Mk3 Coach and HST Power Car
This equipment connects between vehicle and WSP, the vehicle sees it as the WSP and the WSP sees it as the
Vehicle. It carries out a series of automatic tests and provides data on failures. It has a reobust Flight cas to make it
suitable for using within a depot environment and can be trolley mounted

Cat No: 071/004092/3  XBR SISTE Speedo test equipment
Based on the BR SISTE this has a modern state of the art motor controller
Is is designed for testing Smith Stone, GEC and AEI speedos

mk2-1 vs
Mk2-Mk2 Converted WSP Vehicle Sequence Test Module
Once the converted Mk2 - Mk1 WSP were in service it became apparent that the standard Mk1 sequence test module
would not fit the converted Mk2 racks. this test module was designed to fit the converted Mk2 - Mk1 WSP and behave
as the Mk1 test module does, producing the same effect and enabling the test on depot of these converted racks.

probe ip
Cat No: 71/3482 - Mk2 WSP Probe Input Test Box
XBR Electronics version for WSP Mk2 Level 2 Depot testing

TTI TG 315 Oscillator
              Battery conversion
TTI TG 315 Oscillator - Battery operation modification for use in WSP Testing
A standard TG315 oscilator that is fitted with a lead acid battery and charging circuit to enable ot to be used as an
isolated oscillator when testing WSP

Mk2 WSP Vehicle Sequence test box
Cat No: 71/3474 - Mk2 WSP Vehicle Sequence Test Equipment
XBR Electronics Ltd version

Mk2 WSP timer test equipment
Cat No: 71/3483 - Mk2 WSP Timer Module Test Equipment
XBR Electronics Ltd Version

Smart Sand Loom Test Equipment
Smart Sand Loom Test Equipment
XBR Electronics Ltd version

smart sand sander test equipment
Smart sand sander test equipment
XBR Electronics Ltd Version

CTCU Cycle Testing Control Unit for C455 Door Cycle Testing
Produced to customer drawing for cycle testing C455 sliding doors

dmu ef
DMU Earth Fault Test Box


Bespoke solutions

clr    lem
XBR Electronic CLR/SNR replacement for C455 with type approval    - Cat No: 093/059601  and
XBR Electronic CLR/SNR replacement for C442 with type approval    - Cat No: 093/062292
XBR Electronic CLR replacement LEM                                                        - Cat No: 093/061064

Prototype conversion from Mk2 WSP operation
              to Mk1 WSP operation
(Printable VAB certificate)

Prototype Modification of Mk2 WSP to Mk1 WSP operation (rear view)
Cat No:093/059262

Due to a limited supply of C313 DMOS WSP these Mk3 Coach Mk2 WSP were converted in operation to behave as a MK1 WSP.
This is the rear view of the first prototype that attained VAB approval

Reverse Engineering

16x Headlamp Indicator Panel
Produced from sample to alleviate a shortage of spares

            engineered Mk1 FA 97/2722
Reverse engineered Mk1 WSP FA Module
Cat No: 97/2722
Manufactured from sample to overcome a shortage of FA modules

C442 diode panel
C442 Diode Panel - Produced from sample

Class 73 Loco
Class 73 Loco (ED) TDR

Created to be the same for Fit For and Function

Repair work

              box before  A box after
Class 47/33 A Box speed control before and after photos


New build

Life Boat Battery Charger
Marine Battery Charger

Ambient probe
Ambient probe
Cat No: 052/001110
for Mk1 Slam door vehicles

Cables and Interconnection Harnesses

wsp harness
WSP Bogie to Body probe Interconnection Harness

Faiveley Lead
Cat no:093/062607

speedo tim
Speedo - Train in motion lead
Cat No: 093/062608

Speedo lead
Cat No: 093/052004

pisc leads
PISC leads
Cat No: 093/062606

            serial lead     dual
            serial leads
Dual serial lead
Cat No: 093/062609

Petards lead
Cat No: 093/062605

Radio test lead
Cat No: 093/052083

Cat No: 093/051890

lap link
Lap Link
Cat No:

2 way BCU Lead
2 Way BCU Lead
Cat No: 093/055292

1 Way BCU
Cat No: 093/052006

COMM C Dongle
COMM C Dongle

CAT 5 Dongle
CAT 5E Dongle

test lead set
Test lead set

VCU Comms Lead

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